How I Got Zomato Gold Membership Free of Cost

How I Got Zomato Gold Membership Free of Cost

Zomato launched Gold membership under which you can get complimentary food and drinks. Zomato partnered with top restaurants and bars where you can get 1+1 food item on the main course and 2+2 on drinks.

The cost of Zomato membership is Rs. 1200 per year.

And you can save 300 to 400 rupees on every restaurant visit.

You can see in the above bill, I saved Rs. 395 where I got a complimentary dish when I ordered 2 dishes (395 and 425). You get the low-cost dish as free.

Zomato membership is worth the price of Rs. 1200. You can recover the money even if you go to fine dining restaurants 3-4 times a year.

But I got the Zomato Gold membership free of cost. 

By redeeming points that I accumulated through MakeMyTrip.

I booked tickets from MakeMyTrip in Nov/Dec timeframe and earned 2000 MMT cash. The MMT cash was about to expire in March and I did not have any plans to travel.

I found out that I could redeem the points for Zomato Gold subscription before the expiry of the points.

Step 1: Earn MMT cash

MakeMyTrip launched a reward program for its loyal customers. You can earn two types of rewards when you book tickets or hotels through MMT.

My Cash – That can be used to book tickets/hotel or redeemed for deals outside MMT.

Reward Bonus – That can be used on MakeMyTrip booking only

MyCash also has an expiry date. You can see that my 500 MMT Cash expired on 22nd Sep that I earned on 22nd Jun.

Make sure you redeem your MMT cash before expiry.

Step 2: Redeem MMT cash for Zomato Gold membership

You can find the list of rewards inside your MMT app or web login.

I have found Zomato Gold Membership for 15 months with 1800 cash, that is worth Rs. 1500. I could have used my 1800 cash during flight tickets or hotel booking, since I did not have any travel plans so I thought of redeeming for Zomato Gold rather than letting the cash expire.

With a few clicks, I got the redemption code for Zomato Gold.

Step 3: Buying Zomato Gold at 0 cost

Go to the Zomato Gold app and find the option to buy Zomato Gold.

During checkout, you would get the option to use promo code. Copy the code that you got from the MMT app.

Enjoy the Gold membership at ZERO cost.

Step 4: Get 1+1 Food or 2+2 Drinks

Read the rules of Zomato Gold carefully before using the benefits.

You can order 2 food items on participating restaurants and you won’t get billed for the item with less cost.

zomato Gold membership rules

Important rules to remember

  • There should be at least 2 people on the table to use the Gold
  • If there are 4 people on the table then 2 members can use the offer
  • Talk to the waiter about Gold membership at the time of placing the order

Go ahead in any Zomato Gold partner restaurant third-party code. Keep saving for 15 months to come.

Let me know if you found any other similar money-saving hacks.

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