13 Money Saving Hacks while shopping on Amazon India

13 Money Saving Hacks while shopping on Amazon India

Last Update – 16 June 2019

Whether it is your favorite book, laptop, personal care product, or any other item for that matter most of us head to Amazon to buy it. But, more often than not, you would be paying quite a sum of money and delivery charges for the same.

Besides, many of us can easily recollect at least one incident where we didn’t buy the product because we fell short of our budget.

But, what if I told you that there are some simple Amazon shopping hacks that can help you save you a lot of money.

Over the past few years, I have become well versed at using these hacks that have helped me save thousands of rupees every single year.

In this article, I am going to share with you those exact money-saving hacks which you can implement right away when shopping on Amazon.

Let’s take a look at them

Here are 13 money-saving hacks while shopping on Amazon

#1. Load Your Amazon wallet

Whenever Amazon comes up with the offer of giving cashback for loading ones Amazon wallet, I never miss the chance and load my wallet to avail the maximum cashback possible.

You can also use this hack for saving money on Amazon. Besides, you don’t even need to purchase anything to get the cashback. You can happily keep the money in your wallet for future purchases.

Look at the recent offer from Amazon – Add balance & get 10% back up to Rs 250. As soon as I saw it , I loaded my wallet with Rs 2500 and got Rs 250 as cashback.

Now, that’s a direct saving of 10% on my shopping. The maximum cash back limit can vary with time to time though.

When is this offer available
Usually, this offer comes in between 28th and 30th of every month. That’s the time wherein most of us also receive our salary. So, when the offer comes, it would be smart to load your Amazon wallet and save money.

My Saving Secret
Once I have my wallet loaded, I shop with the Amazon pay balance(wallet) whenever there is any cashback offer on shopping through Amazon Wallet. This way I am making double savings – once during loading of wallet and the other being during shopping.

I bet you didn’t know this saving secret of mine.

Note: Every month Amazon gives at least 2 offers of this kind.

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#2. Send Money via Amazon Gift Card

On special occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries etc you can send your dear ones Amazon gift cards instead of money.

Similarly, you can send them gift cards so that they can shop for themselves the item of their choice instead of you shopping for them through cash or credit card.

This way you can save 10% of your money as you get cashback upto Rs 100 on the purchase of Amazon gift cards. You receive cash back, your dear ones get the gift card – a win-win for both.

When is this offer available
This offer is always available on Amazon and you can use it anytime.

#3. Use the Best Credit Card For Amazon Purchases

Credit cards are my favorite money saving tool especially when it comes to online shopping. I always use credit card on Amazon whether it is to add money to my amazon wallet or to make direct payments for shopping.

Reason being the following dual benefits whenever you use your credit card on Amazon

1. Direct Cashback by Amazon
Direct cashback on shopping is the first benefit that you get whenever you shop on Amazon through your credit card. The cashback usually lies between 10% and 15%.

Eligible Credit cards for Cashback on Amazon
Amazon gives cash back offers for these credit cards – SBI Bank, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, CitiBank, and Yes Bank.

Besides, for the past one year, I have been noticing that Amazon gives cashback offer only on some credit cards at a certain point in time.

For example – 10% cashback on SBI credit card only during Christmas. In such a scenario, if you don’t possess a SBI card, try to get hold of your friends or family’s SBI credit card to avail the offer.

2. Reward Points on Your Credit Card Spend
The second benefit is that you get to earn reward points on every spend made through your credit card on Amazon.

For example – SBI Simply Click credit card gives 10 reward points per Rs 100 spend online including on Amazon.

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#4. Buy Daily Use Products During ‘Super Value Day’

Super value day offer is powered by ICICI bank wherein you can buy groceries & other daily needs on Amazon and get upto 35% off + upto Rs. 1200 cashback.

I buy most of my daily use products during the Super Value Day offer period and hence save decent money every month.

Product Categories Cover under this offer

Cooking Essentials
Food, snacks & beverages
Laundry & detergent
Household supplies
Diapers & wipes
Baby bath & skin care
Skincare & Haircare
Shaving & oral care
Health Products
Soaps & body wash
Feminine hygiene
Deodorants & perfumes
Pet supplies

What is Super Value Day offer?
You only need to place a single order of minimum Rs 1500 of the eligible products. If you are a ICICI bank customer then you can make payment through credit/debit card or netbanking to get the maximum benefit.

If you are not a ICICI bank customer, then make payment through amazon pay balance to avail this offer.

Offer Period
1st & 2nd of every month.

How You can Get Maximum Benefit
In case you don’t have ICICI bank credit/debit card/netbanking, go with the amazon pay balance. Load money into your amazon pay balance during cashback offer on balance add ( as I mentioned in point 1) and then shop through the pay balance during the Super Value Day offer.

That way you can save upto Rs 1300 on order of Rs 5000.

See below on how it works

Rs 600 (cashback to all customer) + Rs 200 ( 10% cashback upto Rs 200 if you shop through amazon wallet) + Rs 500 (10% cashback on adding Rs 5000 into you wallet) = Rs 1300.

(Note – 10% cashback on balance add depends on the maximum cashback limit)

#5. Become a Prime Member

Amazon offers exclusive benefits to its prime members that would help you save a lot of money. The benefits include shipping benefits, 30-minute early access to lightning deals, access to deals exclusively for prime members, and unlimited access to video streaming.

Shopping Benefit
Most of us pay shipping fees everytime we make a purchase on Amazon. Think of how much money you have lost in the form of shipping fees till now.

But, if you are a prime member, you will get guaranteed free One-Day, Two-Day, and Standard Delivery on eligible items irrespective of the order value. You also don’t need to place a minimum order value of Rs 599 to be eligible for the free delivery.

Have a look at the below picture to see how much money you will be able to save

money saving hack on amazon shopping

Unlimited Access to Video Streaming
Lastly, with prime membership, you get access to the latest and exclusive movies on Prime Video. You can watch these movies on your mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, or smart TV.

Given that most of the latest movies are available on prime video within one to two months of their release, you don’t have to visit a theatre anymore to catch your favorite movie. That means huge savings on ticket price, fuel costs, or cab costs.

Exclusive Access to Deals
You get access to lightning deals 30-minute earlier than other normal customers. This means you get the first mover advantage when you shop for your favorite item, saving you a lot of money.

Note: To become a prime member on Amazon, you have to pay Rs 999 for one year.

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#6. Wait for Great Indian Sale

Whenever I have to purchase high value products on Amazon, I always wait for the ‘Great Indian Sale’.

The great Indian sale fetches me two benefits

I get deep discounts on the product price.
I get additional cashback upto 15% on purchase through specific credit/debit card or amazon pay balance.

Therefore, I make payment through the mode which offers the maximum cashback.

When is this offer available
This offer happens every month for 3 full days, mostly around mid of the month. Rarely, you have to wait for 2 months or beyond.

My Saving Secret
If Amazon offers the same cashback amount for payment through credit card and amazon pay balance, then I always pay through amazon pay balance. Reason being, I also get an additional cashback upto 10% for loading money onto my Amazon wallet.

So, that’s double savings on my shopping.

#7. Add items to shopping cart and wishlist without checking out

I keep on adding my wishlist products to my shopping cart after logging into my Amazon account. I do not checkout until I actually need the product.

As a result, I receive email notifications from Amazon whenever there is any change in the price of the products. The same happens with many other shopping websites as well.
This is a great hack to buy your favorite products at a discounted price.

E-commerce companies like Amazon send you price notifications because they assume that you want to buy the product and they don’t want to lose your sale to their competitor website.

Alternatively, I also maintain a wishlist for my favorite books. I keep checking the prices and many times I found great deals as wishlist shows me if the prices have dropped since I added the item to my list.

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#8. Use Amazon Kindle for Books

I love reading books. Over the years I have spent a lot of money on buying books. But, then I found one great hack – using amazon kindle.

Now, I always buy kindle version of the books from amazon. With this single step, I saved upto 75% of my money which otherwise would have been spent on the hardcover of books.

For example, you can easily compare the price of the Kindle edition of “Contagious” with its hardcover in the picture below. That’s a whopping price difference of 273%.

So, if you too are a book enthusiast like me then you now know how to save a lot of money – just buy the book’s Kindle Edition on Amazon.

What Do You Need?
Once purchased, you have two options available for reading Kindle edition of books.

The first option is to buy Amazon kindle device which is specially designed for book lovers.

The second option is to install the free Amazon kindle app in your mobile or desktop and then use it as amazon kindle.

I personally use Amazon kindle paperwhite and would recommend you to buy the same.

#9. Great Indian Festival Sale

This is quite similar to the Great Indian Sale that I discussed above, but just that the Great Indian festival sale comes only during the festival season. Whenever there is a festival month, be it Dussehra, Diwali, or Christmas, I keep my shopping list ready & wait for the ‘Great Indian Festival Sale’.

This festival sale fetches me two benefits

I get deep discounts on the product price.
I get additional cashback up to 15% on purchase through specific credit/debit card or Amazon pay balance.

Therefore, I make payment through the mode which offers the maximum cashback.

money saving hack on amazon shopping

When is this offer available
During the festival season usually for 3 days.

My Saving Secret
If Amazon offers the same cashback amount for payment through credit card and Amazon pay balance, then I always pay through amazon pay balance. Reason being, I also get an additional cashback of up to 10% for loading money onto my Amazon Wallet.

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#10. Get Compensation or Replacement (along with original) in case of Damaged Product.

Sometimes the product delivered may be damaged but we may not return the product because of emergency usage or the damage being minor.

In such situations, make a call or write an email to the Amazon customer care and share with them your concern. In most of the cases, they issue some cashback(compensation) to your Amazon wallet as a customer goodwill.

Alternatively, if the product delivered is broken or damaged, you can contact the customer care and they will send you a replacement product and may even allow you to keep the broken or damaged item.

If the damage is minor then you got two items that are fully usable.

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#11. Get Free Delivery of Goods

I don’t like to pay a single penny as delivery charges because these charges are quite high and they eat into my savings.

To avoid the delivery charges, I always place an order whose value is more than Rs 599. This makes my order eligible for a free delivery.

Alternatively, in case my cart value is less than Rs 599, then I would add that product which I am not so sure of buying but want to check it out once.

Now, my order would be eligible for free delivery as its value is above Rs 599. Once delivered, if I like the product then I keep it else I just return it.

You can follow this money-saving hack while placing your order on Amazon. This way you incur zero delivery charges.

#12. Get a Refund on Shipping if Delivery Misses its Guaranteed Date

You can set a “Guaranteed Delivery” date like same day delivery, one day delivery, or delivery on any specific date for a ton of items on amazon.

For this, you have to pay some extra delivery charges irrespective of your order value. The charges are as seen below

In case, Amazon doesn’t deliver within the promised guaranteed day for whatsoever reason, you can contact customer service to get a complete refund on your shipping costs. You will get the full delivery charges credited to you account.

Things To Remember
You can get a refund on shipping costs only if you pay delivery charges while placing the order. One more thing, before filing a claim, guaranteed delivery items need to be shipped to your address.

So make sure you receive the package first and then raise a claim post the delivery.

#13. Save Money by Subscribing to Items You Buy Regularly

If you constantly have to stock up on essentials like health & personal care products, beauty products, grocery, and baby products then you can use Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program to get discounted items.

Through Subscribe & Save option you can save 5% on every eligible product. Take a look at the below screenshot.

For availing this benefit, you only need to select the Subscribe & Save option. Then select the quantity and delivery frequency.

You can choose delivery frequency from the time period of 1 month to 6 months( with free shipping). In case, you want to cancel any item or the entire order, you can do so at any time.

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So, these were my money saving hacks for shopping on Amazon. There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to save at least some hundreds of rupees every year by taking advantage of these hacks.

Which hack are you going to use the next time for your shopping?

Also, do you have any good money saving hack for Amazon that I didn’t cover in this article?

Do share in the comments below.

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