Mi 3 Band Fitness Review

Mi 3 Band Fitness Review

Everyone is facing health issues due to a sedentary lifestyle. People are getting aware and investing in tools and apps to help them unleash the true potential of their health.

Xiaomi launched the Mi 3 band which is 3rd generation of the popular Mi fitness band series. The fitness device helps you know the important elements of your lifestyle like your sleep pattern, number of steps taken and the number of calories burnt.

Daily activity, Calories burnt and Sleep time are 3 major parameters where a fitness band helps you keep a track. Such a fitness device makes you aware of how you spend your day which can be the catalyst behind your actions.

Why do you need it?

A recent study shows its important to complete 10,000-15,000 steps a day. With Mi band 3, you will be able to see the number of steps you take daily and even assign your daily goals. The fitness tracker also includes a heart monitor. You can monitor the heart rate over a period of 24 hours.

Sleep is an important factor and the National sleep foundation recommends daily sleep of 7-9 hours. Considering the stats, the age group of 17-35 is having the worst sleep pattern due to long social media hours and activity on smart devices.

While sleeping, it’s important that one has an undisturbed sleep of the recommended hours. Mi 3 band helps you know how complete your sleep was by showing you data on deep sleep and light sleep. You can also adjust your sleeping habits accordingly.

How to use the product

An aspect of a lethargic lifestyle is sitting in one place for long hours which most of us do at offices. It is considered to create complication in the long term and also not good for your heart. Mi 3 band is made to alert you at a regular set-intervals so you can take a break if you get too engrossed in a task.

When it comes to achieving a fitness goal. It all boils down to how badly we want it to happen. A great way to tame yourself is by treating your brain on the completion of any task. Mi 3 band has a similar feature where you can set goals and reminder by feeding data inside the app. So whenever you complete a task, you can feel good about it and let some dopamine give you a hit.

Mi 3 band comes with a 0.78 inch OLED touch screen. It is much clearer and larger than the previous 2 generations. The experience is much better to be notified via a small OLED screen. You can see a lot of information over this screen which shall also reduce your time on a smartphone.

If you are a fitness freak, you may be doing multiple tasks daily. You may want to have data of each and every task that you do. There is a high chance that you would never take off the Mi 3 band. With the latest generation Mi band, all of that is possible as the band has a 5 ATM rating which allows the band to be water resistant up to 50m so you can wear it all day long while bathing, swimming or even playing a rugged sport.

The Mi 3 band has a high-density lithium polymer 110mAh battery that gives you a battery life of 20 days, but only with the automatic heart rate featured turned off. If you have the heart monitor featured turned on, it will last for 1-3 days. The automatic heart rate feature uses an algorithm to measure your heart rate. You shouldn’t believe in such information blindly as these devices may not be very accurate for such sensitive information.

A very important aspect of any smart device is the interface that allows you to interact with the device. The Mi-Fit app has a very clean interface and helps you set items like today’s goal, view your fitness progress in a graphical form. You can easily track your steps, heart rate and sleep.

Design wise, the band looks sleek and rugged. It comes with a USB charger and you need to take out the unit completely from the band to charge it. Mi 3 will take 75 minutes to charge from 0 to 100%. The total weight of the band is only 20 grams making it very lightweight.

Mi 3 works with Bluetooth 4.2 devices and is compatible with Android 4.4+ and iOS 9.0+ smartphones.

Closest Competitor: Huawei Honor Band 4

The closest competitor of Mi band 3 is Huawei Honor band 4. We are taking 3 biggest parameters that matter to a user.

Design & Display: Both bands look very sporty in design, Honor band is made from TPU while Mi 3 band is made from the mixture of TPU and TPE that gives it better durability.

Display wise, Mi band has a rich OLED display while Honor band has AMOLED colour display which is definitely an edge that Honor band has. But since honour has a 2.5D glass screen, it’s not recommended for rugged use.

Battery: Mi 3 band has a battery that lasts 20 days on a single charge. Compared to Honor band which lasts only 13-14 days on full charge.

Fitness features: Both have similar features like calorie counter, heart rate monitor and notification alert from the phone. What sets Mi band apart is the way your data is presented to you in the app.


  1. Mi 3 band Looks very elegant and feels much better than the mi band 2 and the Fastrack reflex 2. It has a better build quality than its competitors.
  2. The fitness band can help you locate your smartphone with which it is paired.
  3. OLED screens are expensive. With Mi 3 band, you get it at under 2k.
  4. Step tracker has improved a lot than the previous generation of Mi band.
  5. You can set preferences for Notifications and get added features like alert when idle for longer durations.
  6. Battery life is very great compared to other brands in this segment. Even with a heart rate sensor on and Bluetooth, you can use it for 5 days. It even charges very fast.
  7. You have options to change the bands which are easily available online.


  1. The Heart rate sensor may not be accurate and may show irregular readings.
  2. Battery life: When the band is connected with bluetooth and with features turned on like lift to wake, automatic heart rate detection and App notifications, Mi 3 lasts only 5 -7 days.
  3. Out-door visibility in sunlight is average. Users will spend a lot of time outside and that means this is a very important feature which isn’t very great with Mi band.
  4. As the screen is made from glass. It is bound to break and can even attract a lof of fingerprints.
  5. Charging can be a hassle as you might find it hard to take out the main unit from the case. It can even wear and tear on prolong usage.

I conducted an audience poll on Facebook where most people voted for the Mi band 3 as being the current device they are using to track their daily activity. This goes to show how many people prefer it over other brands like Fitbit and Goqii.


Yes, it is definitely a great device considering you get an OLED screen that is a reflection of how active you were throughout a day. It is a true value for money device. If your budget is under 2k and you are looking for a device that can show you the number for your daily activities with an added feature of your heart rate, this is the best possible solution available. Check out here.

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