5 Best VR Headset India – 2019

5 Best VR Headset India – 2019

I was doing research for the best VR headsets in India but to my surprise, the best options are not available for sale in India. Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System is best for beginner & hardcore gamers.

The company is not selling directly in India but you can order from Amazon Global store. Of course it would be costly to pay international shipping but that is still affordable to experience the amazing virtual reality gaming experience on PC.

What I understood is that Sony Playstation VR Headset is the best if you own Sony PS4. That may cost you more than 30,000 rupees but you can check the latest discounted price on Amazon by clicking here.

At the end of the article, I would recommend you the cheap & best VR headset available in India.

Buyer’s Guide for VR Headsets

VR headsets can be used in 4 different ways. You should decide how you want to experience VR technology.

VR Headsets for PC: People buy VR headsets for PC to play games and watch movies. Currently, movies do not offer amazing VR experience but gamers are loving the virtual reality offered by VR headset systems.

VR Headsets for Gaming Consoles: Find a compatible VR headset for your gaming console If you need VR Headsets only for gaming.

VR Headsets for Smartphones: If you don’t own PC or Gaming Console then you can buy a cheap VR headset compatible for your mobile phone. The downside is that you won’t be able to experience the true virtual reality with smartphones.

Standalone VR Headsets: If you are buying a standalone VR headset then you don’t need a PC, Gaming Console or Mobile. The VR headsets come with pre-installed media that you can watch. You can also connect standalone VR headsets with your smartphone. They are wireless and are better in terms of portability but very expensive.

Screen-door effect & Comfort: VR headsets magnify the visuals you see as the screen is very close to your eyes. Sometimes the magnification can show gaps between two pixels which is called the screen-door effect. Almost all VR headsets suffer from this issue.

You should check for the reviews talking about screen door effect.

PS: Continuous viewing of VR is not recommended for more than an hour. Prolong usage may cause dizziness and motion sickness.

FOV and Lens Quality: Whenever buying a VR headset for smartphones, you should always check the lens quality. Lenses determine the richness of screen resolution. The better the lens quality, the more immersive will be your experience.

Field of view is the part of the world visible to you from a particular position. Any FOV above 100 degrees in a VR headset is always good.

#1. Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System (Best for PC)

Oculus Rift is the most lovable VR headset in the world. Indian market is unfortunate that Oculus has not launched the VR headsets in India yet.

Oculus Rift is made for PC gamers. You would love the design, comfort and audio/video of Oculus Rift. You would feel like the part of the game and forgot the current world.

Oculus Rift comes with lightweight & comfortable controllers & headset. It’s worth investing in high-end technology if you want to experience the true virtual reality in the games. Just imagine playing the very popular PUBG or Fortnight using this VR headset.

All you have to pay extra shipping cost (around Rs. 6500) and submit the KYC documents to the courier company to clear the customs. Alternatively, you can ask a friend who is travelling from a country where Oculus officially launched VR headsets. You may get an extra discount on directly buying from that country.


  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Cheaper than competitor products with similar features


  • Not available for direct sale in India

Check the discounted price on Amazon

Alternative Option:

HTC VIVE is an alternate option to buy that is similar to Oculus Rift. HTC nVIVE VR headsets are available on India Amazon but the cost would be more than what you would pay to buy Oculus Rift from Amazon Global store.

#2. Sony PlayStation VR Headset (Best for PS4 Gaming Console)

Good news, Sony PS VR Headset is available to buy in India. The product comes with camera, controllers, and headset.

This is recommended only if you are an existing owner of PS4 gaming station. Sony PS VR would not match the quality of Oculus Rift but shall give you great experience playing games made solely for the PS4 platform.

You can take the decision based on how you are playing games. If you have a gaming PC and PS4 then go with Oculus Rift, if you just have the PS4, you can opt for Sony Playstation VR. The headgear even comes with dedicated earbuds so you can feel the games as real as possible.


  • Immersive Gaming Experience
  • Access to all games available on Sony PS VR world


  • Limited options as compared to Oculus Rift
  • Can’t be used for any other purpose else than gaming

#3. VR Headset for Smartphone: Samsung VR

Samsung VR headset is one of the few VR headsets available in India that have great immersion quality. VR headset for smartphones work using the smartphone’s screen to showcase visuals and uses lenses to create immersion.

Samsung VR headset allows you a 360-degree immersive experience along with a wide 101-degree field of view. You can use the VR controller to interact with the screen and it also does the job of a joystick when playing games.

There are over 1000 games available on the VR store and since Samsung VR is powered by Oculus, users will also be able to access the Oculus VR store for TV shows, films and documentaries.

Samsung VR also enables you to hangout with people virtually and be able to conduct meetings using dedicated apps available in the Samsung VR store.

The device weighs 345 grams and has comfortable straps to fit any head size. The only con is that currently, this VR headset works only for Samsung Devices.


  • 102-degree field of view
  • Access to Oculus VR store
  • Intuitive VR controller for navigating and playing games


  • Compatible only with Samsung Devices
  • No Indian Warranty on the product since its US version

Check Price On Amazon

Alternative Option

Samsung Gear VR SM-R322NZWA is a cheaper version of the original VR headset. Its available at half the price and doesn’t come with a controller.

You get a wide field of view, accurate head movement tracking and a similar immersive experience but low-quality visuals due to the low quality of lens being used.

#4. Oculus Go (Best Standalone VR Headset)

Oculus Go VR headset is my favourite on this list. Oculus Go can easily be called as the best budget VR considering quality VR headsets are very expensive. Oculus Go combines features of high-end VR headsets like Oculus Rift and HTV Vice at half the price.

Oculus Go is very lightweight and comes with comfortable fabrics which make it easy for you to wear the headset for long hours. The device has a wide LCD screen which improves clarity and causes a less screen-door effect which enhances the quality of immersive visuals.

Standalone VR headsets depend solely on lenses and the Oculus Go comes with next-generation lenses which offer an even better field of view and negligible glare in videos and games.

Samsung VR comes with a 32 GB internal memory where you can store games, videos and TV shows from Oculus VR Store. In those 32 GBs, you can store 3 HD Movies, 10 Games and 20 Apps.

Oculus go comes with a wireless controller that has buttons and a touch surface so users can easily interact with the screen and play games. What’s even more interesting is the fact that it has got integrated spatial audio speakers which are built into the headset.


  • Built-in Integrated spatial audio
  • Intuitive touch-based wireless controller
  • Wide LCD screen for rich pixels and less screen door effect


  • Pixels are still visible in certain VR experience
  • Limited internal memory

Check price on Amazon

#5. Procus One VR Headset (Cheap & Best Option in India)

Procus One VR headset is for you if you have heard of VR and want to give it a try and be introduced to this futuristic technology. Procus One has a 40MM lens which gives you a field of view of more than 100 degrees.

Procus One has HD optical lens with built-in IPD(Interpupillary Distance) adjustment feature for adjusting the screen size for people who have issues with nearsightedness or farsightedness.

The device can be used for both Android and iOS devices with screen sizes 4.7 to 6 inches. Since the whole headset is made using magnet based materials that improve the durability of the headset and makes it easier to attach and detach components.

Procus One doesn’t come with a controller which can be difficult if you want to change videos or navigate inside an app. You can buy a controller for ease of use but if your primary focus is to just to experience VR based entertainment material then there is no need of a controller.

Procus has 3 versions of VR headsets, Procus One is the most popular and cheapest of all. The only compromise made here is the inbuilt headphones that come with other versions. If sound is your priority, you may opt for other version but otherwise, this is the best option for users who are just looking to have a taste of VR technology.


  • IPD Adjustment feature to adjust lens
  • Suitable for screen size upto 6 inches
  • Build out of magnetic materials


  • Poor quality headband
  • No Sponge material near nose

Check Price On Amazon

Alternative Option

Irusu Monster VR headset is an even cheaper option that has 42mm HD resin lenses. The VR headset has IPD adjustment feature so users can adjust the lens as per their ease. The product works well with devices of size 4 to 6 inches and weighs only 327 grams.


Virtual Reality is yet to become a mainstream technology. From the choices available in the market, we will only have more players come in the market with time.

Best VR

In a poll that we conducted online, We found Oculus Go to be the best VR Headset in India 2019.

As of now, if you are looking to have a taste of how VR works and don’t want to spend a bomb getting to know how a VR headset works, then the best choice for you is Procus One VR.

Samsung has a dedicated VR device only for Samsung Smartphones so if you are a Samsung user, you should consider using their VR headgear that has features limited to Samsung devices only such as the Samsung VR store and Oculus store.

For users who don’t want to compromise on quality and want to use VR headset to practically for meetings, develop stuff and use it for entertainment purposes. Go for Oculus Go which is a top-notch VR headset that doesn’t compromise on anything.

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