Best Tablets You Can Buy In India 2019

Best Tablets You Can Buy In India 2019

Tablets fall in a very sweet category of devices between a smartphone and a personal computer. It can help you get things done in terms of work and also serves the purpose of entertainment. When buying a new tablet, you need to be clear regarding a few things like

  • Your need: Work or Entertainment
  • Size of the screen
  • OS Ecosystem: Android Or iOS
  • Your Budget

Best tablet in India Under 7000

#1. iBall Twinkle i5 Tablet

Best Tablet iBall

Don’t get confused reading i5 it’s not a Windows tablet. This is a normal 7-inch IPS HD display tablet with a big chunk of bezel design.

This tablet has a 1.3GHz A7 quad-core processor with Mali 400 GPU to handle all your heavy graphics and video processing swiftly. The 1GB RAM will pretty much handle normal app usage without any lag. However, it won’t handle heavy games and 1080p videos recordings.

It’s a dual SIM device with no 4G support and has 8GB of internal storage which if not sufficient you also get 32GB of expandable microSD storage.

The camera is a complete disappointment with a 2MP camera both at the front and rear. Also, the battery is poor on this device. You just get 2500mAH battery which won’t be sufficient at all for your day to day tasks you’ll have to charge it often.

The only reason for me selecting this tablet in the list of best tablets to buy in India is its price. On top of that, you are given a 1-year warranty.

Customer Rating: 3.0/5


  • 1-year warranty
  • Highly affordable


  • Poor screen resolution
  • Dull color reproduction
  • Poor camera performance
  • No 4G support

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#2. Micromax Canvas Tab P681 Tablet

Best Tablet Micromax Canvas

If you are looking for a fully functional tablet at the cheap price than the Micromax Canvas Tab P681 is the best fit for your needs. It has a metallic design combined with an 8 inch IPS display and a anti-glare HQ screen.

The processor in this tablet is a 1.3GHz MediaTek quad-core processor powered with 1GB of RAM for faster performance and smooth multitasking. Unfortunately, there is no 4G SIM cards support with this tablet.

You also get a decent camera with a 5MP rear and 2MP front camera which will take selfies and good landscape and portrait photos.

The 16GB internal and 32GB external is perfect for all your data storage needs. Talking about the battery, It has a 4000mAH battery that gives you 16 hrs of talk time on 2G connection and 8.5hrs of talk time on 3G.

Customer Rating: 3.5/5


  • Decent storage capacity
  • The camera is good considering the price
  • IPS Display for sharper pixels and picture quality
  • 1-year device warranty
  • Good battery life


  • Heating issues
  • Apps lag a little
  • Screen quality is not that great
  • RAM is not sufficient

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#3. iBall Slide Boi Mate Tablet

Best Tablet iBall

The iBall Slide Boi tablet comes with an 8 inch IPS LCD display out of the box. It has got sharp viewing angles thanks to the IPS screen.

The 1GB RAM combined with a 1.3GHz A7 MT8321 quad-core processor will never let you feel any lag in the phone during heavy usage. However, you cannot play flagship games on this tablet but you can use multiple apps at the same time without any noticeable lag.

The 4300mAH battery gives you 20hrs of talk time to always stay connected with your close ones and even if you love playing games this will take care of it. This tablet has 5MP rear and 2MP front camera which is decent enough to capture photos.

Internal storage is just 8GB that also you won’t get the full 8GB. At least they should have made it to 16GB. You have a 1-year warranty that comes with the tablet after the date of your purchase.

The thing that disappointed me is it has got Android version 5.1 Lollipop which is completely out of date. You will get future updates, but there is no guarantee that you’ll get the latest Android updates.

Customer Rating: 3.6/5


  • IPS LCD screen
  • 4300mAH battery with 20hrs of talk time
  • Affordable for everyone.


  • WiFi automatically disconnects sometimes
  • No 4G support
  • Only 8GB of internal storage

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#4. iBall Slide Snap 4G2 Tablet

Best Tablet iBall

iBall Slide comes with a full metal frame design with a beautiful looking biscuit gold back cover. The 7-inch IPS HD screen is perfect for movie and game lovers.

If you use multiple apps simultaneously in your device, the 2GB RAM and 1GHz quad-core processor will take care of it. The tablet has got a 16GB of internal and 32GB of external storage to store all your games and movies. It has a dual 4G SIM support.

For all the camera lovers this tablet comes with the 5MP front camera for selfies and 8MP rear camera for taking good quality photos.

You get android 5.1 Lollipop that is completely outdated. Besides, the company has only given 3500mAH which could have been better.

Customer Rating: 3.1/5


  • Good camera to take HD pictures
  • 16GB of internal storage
  • 2GB RAM for faster and smooth performance


  • Android lollipop 5.1
  • The display is not the best
  • Battery is not sufficient for a tablet

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Best tablet in India under 10000

#5. iBall Slide Wondro 10 Tablet

Best Tablet iBall

iBall Slide Wondro has a 10.1 inch IPS HD screen with bright color reproduction that gives you sharper display.

It has got FM radio support for all the old classic radio lovers plus you can also listen to offline music as it comes with 8GB internal storage and 32GB expandable storage for storing all your music and videos.

The 1.3GHz quad-core processor is sufficient enough for handling your day to day tasks. But with 1GB RAM it might lag when you play games and watch full HD movies.

It has a 4060 mAH battery which gives 28hrs of music and 4.5hrs of video playback. It has 2MP front and 5MP rear camera which is not that impressive.

With this, you get a 1-year device and 6-months in box content warranty.

You get the Android 6.0 Marshmallow with this device which is not the latest one but better but surely better that the android 5.1

Customer Rating: 3.5/5


  • Affordable
  • 32GB expandable memory to store extra data
  • FM radio support
  • 1-year warranty


  • Battery is not sufficient considering the screen size
  • Camera performance is not impressive
  • Touch is not intuitive
  • Some apps from play store cannot be downloaded

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Best tablet in India under 15000

#6. Samsung Galaxy J Max Tablet

best tablet Samsung J

Samsung Galaxy J Max comes with a 7-inch TFT display with 1280*800 pixels resolution for better picture quality.

You get Android 5.1 Lollipop with this tablet. The only thing that you can do is hope to get future updates fast, but nothing is guaranteed. It has a 1.5GHz A7 quad-core processor with Mali 400 GPU, and 1.5GB of RAM makes it a great combination all together for multitasking.

It supports dual SIM with a combination of (4G+3G). A decent battery of 4000mAH would be sufficient enough keeping the 7-inch tablet screen in mind. The internal storage is 8GB with an external storage capacity of 256GB.

It comes with 1-year device and 6-months in box content guarantee.

Customer Rating: 3.5/5


  • 256GB external storage
  • Slim and lightweight
  • 1-year warranty


  • Slow charging
  • Touch is not the best

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#7. Fusion5 9.6″ 4G Tablet

Best tablet Fusion

You cannot resist yourself using a tablet that is 9.6 inch and comes with an IPS screen technology. The Fusion 5 has a sharp and bright display with a precise viewing angle even when tilted.

The powerful quad-core MT6735 processor is enough to handle all your day to day tasks pretty smoothly. It’s scratch resistant which helps prevent scratches on the tablet even at rough usage.

The device comes with Android 6.0 Marshmallow out of the box. It has dual sim along with 4G support. Not just that, the 2GB RAM will swiftly handle all your applications without any noticeable lags. Besides, it comes with a 32GB of internal storage and 128GB microSD storage.

The 8MP rear camera gives you the ability to capture moments of your life. Also, the 2MP front camera is perfect for selfies and video chats with friends and family members.

Talking about the battery, it has a huge 5000mAH Lithium-ion battery which will easily last for full-day on heavy usage. Last but not the least, you get a 1-year warranty.

Customer Rating: 4.3/5


  • Scratch resistant
  • 32GB of internal storage
  • 5000mAH battery for longer usage
  • External memory support up to 128GB
  • Dual SIM support


  • The sound is not great
  • Sound with the headset is also poor

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Best Tablet in India under 20000

#8. Lenovo Tab4 10 Tablet

Best tablet Lenovo tab4

Lenovo Tab 4 has a 10.1 inch HD IPS with sharp side viewing angles. It has one of biggest screen in this list.

It comes with latest Android version 7.0 Nougat. Moreover, you’ll also get future updates. Besides, the 7000mAh battery supports whole day heavy usage.

Talking about the processor, it has 1.4GHz Snapdragon MSM8917 quad-core processor coupled with a 2GB RAM for faster performance. This tablet also has Dolby Atmos 3.5 music support for clean and crisp music output.

16GB of internal storage and 128GB of external storage is sufficient for anyone on this planet. Surprisingly it also has support for 4G LTE for all the Jio lovers. This tablet comes in 2 fantastic colors that are slate black and polar white.

You get a 1-year warranty on the device and 6 months warranty for in box contents.

Customer Rating: 3.7/5


  • 7000mAH battery
  • 4G LTE support
  • Dolby Atmos for best music quality
  • 10.1-inch gigantic screen
  • Latest android version


  • Screen quality is not upto the mark.

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#9. Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Best tablet Samsung Tab A

Samsung Galaxy Tab A comest with 8-inch screen size having 1280*800 pixels of display resolution.

You get Android 7.1 Nougat out of the box. Samsung did a great job by adding the 1.4GHz Snapdragon 435 chipset for faster and better performance. Moreover, the 2GB of RAM will make multitasking a breeze.

Samsung has also taken care of the battery by giving a 5000mAH battery for heavy tablet users. It is perfect for watching movies, read ebooks, and play games.

Now you can store unlimited photos, movies and games in your pocket with the Samsung Tab A as it has 16GB of internal storage and 256GB of microSD card storage.

The autoflash 8MP rear camera is all set to capture HQ pictures with a 5MP front camera. There is a 1-year warranty on the device and 6-months warranty for box content.

Customer Rating: 4.3/5


  • 256GB of expandable storage
  • 1-year of warranty
  • 5000mAH battery for playing games and watching movies
  • Snapdragon processor for faster processing


  • Thick in size
  • Apps lag

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Best Tablet in India under 30000

#10. Apple iPad Tablet

Best Tablet Apple iPad

The Apple iPad is one of the top-notch quality tablets from our list. It has a premium design and a metal body. The 9.7 inch HD LED Retina display is something which you’ll fall in love with daily.

It has got an 8MP rear and a 1.2MP front camera to capture crystal clear pictures. Don’t judge the front camera on 1.2MP it takes far better photos than an 8MP camera on Android.

Apple iPad which gives you 10 hrs of long battery life which is decent as compared to the other tablets. It has got iOS 10 out the box, but you will surely a system update.

The A9 chip and 2GB RAM is super quick to handle all your multitasking smoothly. You get a 32GB of storage with this tablet. Do note that, you won’t be getting any external storage with any of the Apple devices.

It also has Touch ID and Siri support. Moreover, it comes with 1-year device and 6-months in box content warranty.

Customer Rating: 4.5/5


  • Touch ID
  • Siri support
  • 10hrs of long battery life
  • Retina display


  • No external device storage support

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Tablets are much like brunch. They get things done, however you should always make sure that you have clarity of the need for which you will be buying the device. Primarily tablets are usually used for entertainment purposes. keeping that in mind always look for parameters like battery and the screen display resolution.

From our experience, there are also certain people who may prefer an iOS tablet which you can give preference to if you like the intuitive features of an iOS device, else you can always opt for a tab based over android ecosystem that is even more open and you get to choose from many different devices. Let us know if we missed on something that deserves a place on this list.


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