Best Smartphone under 30,000 Rs. in India for Online Entrepreneur

Best Smartphone under 30,000 Rs. in India for Online Entrepreneur

Choosing a smartphone can be a real problem when there are so many choices. When it comes to the profession of an online entrepreneur. You are always on the go and want to have a phone that can last longer and can get your stuff done.

I have figured out the three best smartphones under 30,000 based on what I felt are the pain points of users.

Instead of explaining more about the features, I shall be explaining the use cases so it’s easier for you to make a choice.

What are the requirements?

  • Long lasting battery
  • Clean user interface and no unnecessary pre-installed apps that lag a phone after a while
  • A good quality camera to click picture which later go on social media
  • Fast charging because you are always on the go and time is everything
  • High Quality Screen and sturdy build quality

Why are these smartphones under 30,000 for users like an Online Entrepreneur?

Because such people can often go on hours working from their Phones so they need a high quality screen and a long lasting battery.

Because such digital nomads are often travelling and click and record pictures/videos which calls for better storage.

Because online entrepreneurs need less fluff and more clean and crispness in all characteristics of life. More focus on usability which is why the requirement of a clean stock Android OS.

#1. My First Pick: Nokia 7 Plus (INR 26,439)

Nokia 7 plus

As part of the Android One Program, Nokia 7 plus comes with a very clean UI instead of the cluttered OS of other mobile brands. As a benefit, you get the latest updates directly from Google ahead of ordinary Android Phones.

The phone has 6″ Full HD screen allowing Better visibility, helpful when working solely from your phone. The phone has 64GB internal memory which can be further expanded till 256GB.

Camera(Dual Rear Cameras 12Mp+13Mp) can shoot 1080i videos. You can easily record Full HD videos and capture stunning pictures when on the go.

The chipset Snapdragon processor 660 merged with 4GB RAM won’t lag because unless you are gaming, 2GB is enough RAM. You can open multiple tabs and won’t face any lag.

Nokia 7 plus comes with 3800mAh Battery that shall last 1.5 Days and comes with Quick Charge. So just plug and get away.

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How Nokia 7 plus shall fulfil your need?

Comes with clean UI and no unnecessary pre-installed company based apps #AndroidOne

Battery can charge fast and with minimal usage may even last 2 days. The best case 1.5 hours #3480mAh

Camera is capable of shooting fullHD videos, with 64GB internal memory expandable to 256GB. You don’t have to worry about memory and quality

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#2. My Second Pick: Honor view 10


The Honor View 10 has just one edge over the Nokia 7 Plus and that is a Better Camera.

The Honor view 10 has a 5.99 inch Full HD screen that’s going to give you a feel of a phablet. It feels like a very vibrant screen helping you navigate better on your phone.

The phone has a 3750 mAH battery that comes with Quick Charge technology so you can get 0- 100% battery in just 80 minutes. This means you can save your time which is an important aspect for an online entrepreneur.

To give you an estimate, In a fully charged battery, you can get 5.5 gaming hours, 19 videos playback, 160 music playbacks, 21 4G browsing hours & 23 hours of 3G talks.

Honor view 10 has a 20+16MP AI powered camera which shall help you snap portrait pictures with the appropriate amount of blurring. Artificial Intelligence powered camera is one of the key features of Honor view 10.

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How Honor View 10 shall fulfil your need?

Comes with dual rear cameras powered by AI to shoot videos and pictures. Comes with 5.99 inches screen size to help you work comfortably from the screen.

Honor View 10 has Kirin processor known to handle multiple tabs and multiprocessing.

Camera is capable of shooting fullHD videos, with 64GB internal memory expandable to 256GB. You don’t have to worry about memory and quality

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#3. My third pick: Asus Zenfone 5Z


If you are an avid gamer and love to play games all day round. This is the phone to have.

It has got everything you need. The phone has a Snapdragon 845 engine with AI engine. If you like entertainment, be ready to witness all of it on a 6.2’ screen.

Its for users who do heavy usage of smartphones. As an immersive output, the phone has got stereo speakers with dual NXP smartamp.

The phone is heavy in all specs. Even on the camera front, the Zenfone has a Sony sensor with an aperture size of f1.8 and supports both OIS and EIS which is important for people with shaky hands.  

The big part of the Asus Zenfone 5Z is dedicated to the AI engine that’s responsible for a lot of things. The AI enabled fast charge is also responsible for the longer life of battery. The phone comes in two variants. One with 64GB and other is 128GB.

How Asus Zenfone 5Z will fulfil your need?

The zenfone comes with dual rear cameras that are powered using AI tech. The best part about the zenfone is the fact that it has got a 6.2” screen with a notch. For any online entrepreneur it is going to be a boon to be able to work from such a huge screen.

When it comes to the camera and the battery. Both of these facets are better than the previous two options.

The phone has got a snapdragon 845 that has a clock speed of 2.8Ghz which shall be enough if you are going to do a lot of multitasking.


If given a choice. I will still go with Nokia because it has Android One Program i.e Only the hardware has been manufactured by Nokia, the whole stock Android comes directly from Google so it improves security of phone and keeps your phone up to date with regular security patches.

Since there are tons of options for best smartphones under 30,000, it makes sense for you to know your need and then choose a phone to avoid waste of time and resources.

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  1. I was looking for the information about Honor phones and got chance to go through this article, however, this helps me a lot while reading the article the confusion between other phones has gone now.
    Nokia phones still have some specification which can attract a new customer in the market.

  2. Lovely and impressive explanation. I loved the way the details are shared with full explanations. Generally bloggers do review and don’t go in such depth. I am inspired by the way it is expressed.
    Thanks for such a wonderful article

  3. Consider adding the Xiaomi Poco F1, it has similar specs to that of Asus Zenfone 5Z and it starts at 21k.

    Good luck with the blog. Seems pretty impressive.

    • Sure, Even I love that phone, though worried about its Display Controversy. But nevertheless. I will surely include that phone. Thanks for the wishes.

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