11 Best CCTV Cameras In India 2019

11 Best CCTV Cameras In India 2019

Last Update: 10 June 2019

In this article, you will get to know best CCTV camera in India to help you safeguard your house or office by managing it remotely. CCTV is the best solution to observe your house or business effortlessly and can be done even with your smartphone from anywhere.

Benefits of CCTV Cameras:

  • Crime preventive
  • Monitors activities
  • Collect evidence
  • Keeps records

I have considered below parameters to provide you with a list of best CCTV camera In India: price, mobility, Connectivity, Memory, Brand Service, Durability

CCTV camera with memory card

#1. ProElite F01A 1.3 MP 960p Fisheye 360° Panoramic Wireless Wifi HD IP CCTV Security Camera with SD Card Slot

Best CCTV Camera

ProElite CCTV camera is easy to install and easily connects within minutes after installation and ready to observe the movements, this device is built with motion sensor and it detects and can record videos full day and can be changed in settings.

Their android app will let you view live movements as videos on your smartphone and computer-recorded on their device.

You will be notified with app push notification to help you keep updated on unusual movements. With H.264 advanced technology, this device uses less bandwidth and storage so that you get streaming real-time video and audio streaming.

1/3″ Fisheye lens provides you with 360-degree monitoring of your house or office with HD video output for better clarity.

With P2P server technology you can avoid DDNS settings or complicate port mapping


  • Live video is possible on 2-4 mobiles when the camera is connected to a WiFi router.
  • A low budget camera can be used for home and small shops or business units.
  • It is better suited to cover 25 diameters when installing at 13 feet height


  • Internet connectivity, motion sensor issue on their V380 Android App. Also, this was was last updated on 9th February 2018
  • TV output only it supports MP4 so without this no output on the TV
  • Not waterproof
  • No reset pin in the box so resetting process is difficult.
  • No smart IR

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#2. ProElite F12 Hidden Spy Bulb Shape Fisheye 360° Panoramic Wireless Wifi 1.3 Mp 960P Hd Ip Cctv Security Camera With Sd Card Slot [Watch Live]

best CCTV camera

ProElite F12 Spy bulb has 3D panoramic camera with 1/3” fisheye Lens gives you HD video quality, with night vision it can record movements at high quality even during the night.

With motion detection, you will know every movement through phone push notification. Alternate to this you can store the alert image on the SD card.

It is suggested to use Class 10 high-speed micro SD card which should be formatted before inserting in this spy bulb.

Since the CCTV camera is built as LED bulb there will be less chance of getting observed by strangers and weighs 320 grams that are slightly more than regular LED bulbs in the market.


  • Good customer support
  • Spy camera installed inside the LED bulb is the best idea to record unusual movements and makes it less noticed by strangers whether its house or small business establishment


  • Monitoring the movements under the camera will not be possible due to the bulb holder is placed in the straight angle.
  • Additional SD card required because of low storage capacity
  • Luminous intensity is low
  • V380 app which is used for operating camera is not so user-friendly
  • No smart IR

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CCTV Security camera for home

#3. D3D Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Indoor Security Camera (Support upto 128 GB Micro SD card) (Black Color) Model: D8801

Best CCTV Cameras

D3D wireless CCTV is an affordable indoor camera has an inbuilt speaker and microphone to help you with video chatting and voice over the intercom. Head portion of this camera can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 110 degrees vertically

Through iMega Cam app you can get motion alerts, watch and record videos on your smartphone with Android or iOS. Storage is supported up to 128GB on SD card.

This CCTV camera has infrared LED which assures on better face clarity and motion sensor will send you a notification on mobile to keep you updated

With the 720HD resolution, you will get crisp and clear videos and images that make it easy to recognize the strangers face and support 2.4Ghz WiFi frequency.

It is recommended to download media player from D3D website to your computer to watch SD card recordings.


  • Weighs less 99.8 grams when compared to other CCTV camera in this price range.
  • Cloud storage will make your data secure and easy to access even when the camera is broken or stolen.


  • Their app needs improvement in terms of user login, wifi and screen capture.

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#4. IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera, Plug USB Charger, 64GB SD Card Support, 2 Mode Recording, Nanny cam

Best CCTV Camera IFITech

This is a smart charging spy camera can be used by just plugging on the socket without any complicated settings and it is ready to go. Option to turn on motion sensor you can save storage on unwanted video and get the notifications only when spy camera senses a motion.

You will get HD video quality output that is crisp, clear to watch and it can record straight view at 90-degree wide-angle view and store up to 64GB. But remember to format SD card in fat32 before using it.


  • You can record video even while charging your smartphone
  • Can record up to 8 hours a stretch
  • Within 16GB memory card, you can record up to 5 hours of video


  • No inbuilt speaker for audio output
  • No battery backup makes so cannot use it without power
  • Cannot connect with WiFi
  • No indication when storage is full and it overwrites the earlier files
  • No night vision so cannot be used in dark places

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#5. ProElite POD04 PTZ WiFi Wireless HD Outdoor Waterproof 4X Optical Zoom 960p IP Security Camera CCTV (Supports up to 128 GB SD Card)

ProElite WiFi Security Camera makes it easy to get an update on the movements and keep an eye on your family and pets on your smartphone from anywhere in the world. With built-in IR LED you can record in night vision and darkness.

With HD 960P resolution you can view the targets clearly at any corner of the room through 260-degree horizontal pan and 60-degree tilt.

You can zoom up to 4x optical for crystal clear view, store up to 128GB on SD card to playback video.

With playback option from an Camhi app, you can watch SD card recorded videos on your PC and download it without removing the SD card from camera remotely from anywhere in the world.

With IP66 rating this IP security camera assures on waterproof, also prevent dust so will work better even when placed outdoor.


  • Infrared face detection can be done the distance of 20 meters
  • The camera can create its own WiFi HotSpot
  • OnVif compliant which can communicate with other camera and networking devices


  • Does not support electricity from a solar panel
  • Email notification is not working from this android app (earlier it used to be)
  • Latest app update has issues to log in, connect with SD card

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#6. ThinkValue T8855 Wi-Fi Wireless HD IP Security Camera CCTV (White)

Best CCTV Camera Thinkvalue

ThinkValue CCTV camera is ideally meant for home, office, shops, and schools and can be easily set up, store images on their FTP server which assures on your data even if the camera is stolen or broken.

You can store up to 128GB on SD card and watch a crisp and clear video with 720 HD resolution. Inbuilt motion detection will notify you through email.

You can view the object up to 10 meters in night vision, video chat two-way monitoring and supports multiple users to view live recording also save images and videos on your mobile or tablets.


  • This camera can connect to CamHi and Keya apps
  • You can move the camera 355 degrees left right and 120 degrees up down through their CAMHI apps
  • We can use our mobile as a hotspot to connect with this camera


  • Does not support 5G smartphones
  • Not waterproof so you cannot fix it outdoor
  • Android app has an issue which results in delay connecting with equipment
  • Lan cable connectivity issue from camera to PC

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Wireless CCTV camera with Night Vision

#7. Hikvision DS-2CE1AC0T-IRPF Turbo HD 720P IR Night Vision Bullet Camera

HikVision DS Best CCTV Camares

HiKvision camera is built with 1.3MP high-performance camera with analog HD output of 720p resolution.

With smart IR (12 IR lights fixed) it will record 20-meter distance and assures on better face recognition during the night and avoids blurriness.

Witt IP66 rating this camera can work outdoor and can resist dust and water during rain.


  • It will cover more area with its wide angle.


  • No free installation
  • Weighs 406 grams and quite heavier than other models in the price range of below 3k
  • DVR Hd Connectors SMPS & Cable is not included in the package.
  • No audio recording option
  • Warranty only for repair and no exchange provided

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#8. D3D Wireless HD IP Wifi CCTV Indoor Security Camera (Support upto 128 GB SD card) (White Color) Model:D8810

Best CCTV Camera

This camera is built to observe indoor activities and live monitor by access camera anywhere on your smartphone. You can store data on cloud, email and on SD card, with HD 1MP you will 720p HD video output.

Motion detection will send you instant alerts on your mobile and IR night vision will avoid the blurryface and up to 3 persons can watch live recordings on their mobile

With 8GB of memory card, you can record videos up to 4 days


  • Lightweight when compared to other models in this price range


  • No details provided on cloud storage data and make it tough to store and receive data.
  • Cannot work with 4G hotspot on mobile.
  • Bad customer support
  • App lags connection with the camera so making it difficult to monitor continuously through mobile

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#9. ProElite IP01A WiFi Wireless HD IP Security Camera CCTV [Watch Live Demo] (Supports Upto 128 GB SD Card) [Dual Antenna], Black

Best CCTV Cameras: Proelite

You can watch live video on your smartphone from anywhere, with a two-way audio function you can hear and reply to the voice. Set motion detection setting and you will be notified whenever it detects unusual things on email and store recordings on the micro sd card, network video recorder, and PC or laptop.

Infrared night vision will provide you clear pictures even in the darkness and you can store up to 128GB on SD card.

You can rotate the camera 360 degrees through the app installed on your smartphone and watch every corner easily sitting at your office or during your travel and up to 4 users can watch video simultaneously.


  • With the dual antenna, you can get rid of unnecessary wiring


  • An issue with the camera when it is continuously used by tilting 360 degree
  • Streams in black and white and not in color as provided in manual
  • Security issue on the app as it is changing to Chinese time zone.
  • Infrared light is not of good quality
  • WiFi range of 3-4 meter only

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#10. Sricam SP Series SP005 Wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV Indoor Security Camera (Black)

Best CCTV Cameras

Sricam is a smart pan-tilt camera with HD 720p resolution which gives you crystal clear video output. You can tilt it 355 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees tilt making it easy to watch every corner of the place.

Built-in IR LED’s lights with ICR provides you a clear view even in night and complete darkness.

You can interact with two way audio with microphone and speaker with an option to listen remotely.

Micro SD card can store up to 128GB data which gives your flexibility to store and retrieve more number of videos and watch SD card recorded videos through their Sricam (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.xapcamera) Android app.

The camera will support 2.4Ghz WiFi router, WiFi dongles and you need to enable 2.4Gz signal on dual-band router.


  • Easy to follow steps video available on Amazon
  • Fast buffering of videos to watch on your mobile


  • Weighs more when compared other models in this price range
  • No guarantee provided by the manufacturer
  • Does not work with mobile internet

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If you are looking to observe the movements inside the house then I would prefer the spy camera of below model which is pocket-friendly and does a decent job:

IFITech 1080p HD Hidden Camera, Plug USB Charger, 64GB SD Card Support, 2 Mode Recording, Nanny cam

For indoor security, the below device ranks well in its performance and user-friendly

Sricam SP Series SP005 Wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV Indoor Security Camera (Black)

And if you wish to get control the movements outdoor of your business unit or house then I would suggest

ProElite POD04 PTZ WiFi Wireless HD Outdoor Waterproof 4X Optical Zoom 960p IP Security Camera CCTV(Supports up to 128 GB SD Card)

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