11 Best Air Purifiers in India 2019

11 Best Air Purifiers in India 2019

With increasing pollution levels, an Air purifier can help you stay safe from the respiratory diseases like Asthma, Lung Cancer and other pulmonary disorders.

What Should You Look For While Opting for Air Purifier?
The major points you need to take care of while choosing the right Air Purifier will include

  • Area of the room. Ensure that you give a little extra room. For example, go for a 300 sqft rating if your room measures 200.
  • Filtering methods used. Air purifiers come in 6 different forms of filters. If you do not face too much dust and pollen pollution, you may go for Ionic filter or Ozone purification filter options. For maximised results, go for HEPA, Activated Carbon and Ultraviolet Light filters
  • Noise levels of air purifiers

Comparison Table-

CADRArea CoveredPurificationWeightWattage
Philips AC1215/20270 Cu m/hr677 Sq Ft3 Stage7.04 Kg50 W
Honeywell HAC25M1201W250 Cu.m/hr323 Sq Ft3 StageNA53 W
Mi Air Purifier 2310 Cu.m/hr400 Sq Ft3 Stage4.8 Kg31 W
KENT Aura Room Air Purifier180 Cu.m/hr290 Sq Ft3 Stage5 Kg45 W
Philips 2000 Series AC2882324 Cu.m /hr409 Sq FtNA7.7 Kg56 W
Honeywell Lite HAC20M1000W210 Cu.m/hr250 Sq Ft3 stage6.2 Kg48 W
Eureka Forbes Aeroguard Mist205 Cu.m/hr250 Sq Ft6 stage4.8 Kg56 W
Philips AeraSense AC2887/20 56333 Cu.m/hr441 Sq FtNA7.7 Kg60 W
Crusaders XJ-3100260 Cu.m/hr350 Sq Ft7 stage6.2 KgNA
Crusaders XJ-3800-I348 Cu,m/hr750 Sq Ft7 stage6.8 Kg80 W
Honeywell Air Touch S8300 Cu.m/hr450 Sq.ftNA9.5 Kg52 W

Best Air Purifiers in India under 10000

#1. Philips 1000 Series AC1215/20 Air Purifier

Philips 1000 air purifier is the best option for asthma patients because of 100% ozone free which ensures trouble-free breathing.

The air purifier comes with VitaShield IPS technology that can handle both auto and allergen modes. The auto mode automatically detect and purify the air basis with PM2.5 levels indoor. Allergen mode ensures superior allergen removal efficiency with natural filtration technology.

The air purifier is capable of handling room sizes up to 63 cubic meters. You also have access toNightSense mode which reduces the unnecessary sounds at night.

Area Covered – 677 Sq. feet/ 63 cubic meter
Filters– HEPA and Carbon Filter
Clean Air Delivery Rate – 270 Cu. M per hour
Wattage – 50 Watts
Virus and Bacteria protection – NanoProtect HEPA


  • VitaShield technology ensures up to 99.97 per cent cleaning up.
  • NightSense mode
  • 100 percent Ozone free
  • Real-time air quality sensor
  • 2 year warranty


  • No remote control
    Not suitable for a highly polluted area

Best For – Ideal for small to medium rooms with moderate pollution levels.

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#2. Honeywell HAC25M1201W 53-Watt Room Air Purifier

Honeywell air purifier comes with a three-stage purification process that can remove around 99.9 percent of allergens and harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, VOCs and bad odour.

Ozone free operation is yet another feature that make it ideal for asthma patients as well.The company claims 3000 hours of filter life. The pre-filter is washable which can remove larger particles.

Area Covered – 323 Sq. feet
Filters – HEPA and Carbon Filter
Clean Air Delivery Rate – 250 Cu. M per hour
Wattage – 53 Watts
Bacteria and Virus – Can remove pollutants above 0.3 micron size


  • Long life filter lasting up to 3000 hours
  • It can handle even smallest particles at PM 2.5
  • Good option for handling a high degree of pollution
  • Digital control panel
  • Comes with one year warranty.


  • No noise reduction
  • After sales service is quite not on par.

Best For – Areas having high density of pollution

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#3. Mi Air Purifier 2

Mi Air Purifier is the app based control system for that you can use your phone as a remote to switch this air purifier on and off. The app also lets you monitor the air quality from your phone anytime and anywhere.

The air purifier is equipped with a 360-degree triple layer cylindrical filter, composed of a PET primary filter, ultra-dense EPA filter and activated Carbon filter. The air purifier takes in air from all directions and filters out formaldehyde, bad odour, and other harmful substances.

Company also claims to provide a faster cleaning process of purifying a 21 square feet room in under 10 minutes. Quieter operation ensures the noise levels are below 30 dB.

Area Covered – 400 Sq. feet
Filters – HEPA and Carbon Filter
Clean Air Delivery Rate – 310 Cu. M per hour
Wattage – 31 Watts


  • A 360 degree triple filtering
  • Complete control through a smartphone app
  • Notification alert for filter changes
  • Real time AQI monitoring option
  • Consumes just 4.8 W power under normal conditions.
  • One year product warranty.


  • No remote control, but can be controlled by a smartphone app

Best for – Small to medium sized rooms

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#4. KENT Aura Room Air Purifier

Kent air purifier relies on the world class HEPA technology which helps in eliminating bacteria and harmful chemicals from the air. The air purifier is also capable of removing the PM 2.5 (particulate matter 2.5 microns) material as well.

The intelligent air quality monitoring displays the air quality through three indicators. The CADR value of 180 cubic meter per hour is ideal to clean the air for a small to medium size room.

The power saver feature is another advantage that switches off the purifier based on your custom settings. It also comes with child lock feature for safety purpose.

Area Covered – 290 Sq. feet
Filters – HEPA and Carbon Filter
Clean Air Delivery Rate – 180 Cu. M per hour
Wattage – 45 Watts

Average Customer Rating – 3


  • 4 stage purification ensures an excellent purification process
  • Low noise operation
  • Filter change alert mechanism
  • Built in Ioniser ensures an efficient cleaning
  • One year warranty


  • Can be a little pricier compared to the features
  • Ozoniser can be an issue for the asthma patients.

Best For – Areas suffering a high degree of foul smell and smoke.

Best Air Purifiers in India under 15000

#5 Philips 2000 Series AC2882 Air Purifier

The Philips air purifier series is designed to eliminate allergens, odours and even certain bacteria and virus along with the pollution.

Along with that, the AeroSense technology detects the harmful gases in the air and cleans them up to a PM2.5 level. The purifier comes with a three stage filtering option with pre-filter, HEPA filter, and the activated carbon filters. It shows the air quality in a numerical form from 1 to 12.

The complete automatic operation make it most energy efficient air purifier. Low noise efficiency is an another features of the air purifier. The smart light control technology helps you set the light to your preference.

Area Covered – 409 Sq. feet
Filters – HEPA and Carbon Filter
Clean Air Delivery Rate – 324 Cu. M per hour
Wattage – 56 Watts
Virus and Bacteria – Through Nanoprotect HEPA

Average Customer Rating – 3.5


  • 5 level manual mode setting
  • Sleep mode that ensures quiet operation during nights
  • Aerosense technology
  • Removes the smallest impurities as well
  • 2 years warranty


  • Lack of remote control.

Best for – Medium to large size rooms.

#6. Honeywell Lite HAC20M1000W Air Purifier

Honeywell air purifier comes with three stage filtering system that takes care of 99 percent of pollutants, pollen, bacteria, virus, formaldehyde, toxic gases & odor. Unique air flow design ensures air outlet on both sides for optimised coverage.

Touch enabled control panel is yet another excellent feature. The filter can easily be removed and assembled by the user, thereby reducing unnecessary service charges

The smart memory feature remembers the settings in case of a power failure. Built in sleep mode that reduces fan speed automatically and cuts down noise. You will also have access to child lock.

Area Covered – 250 Sq. feet
Filters – 3 stage with HEPA and Carbon Filter
Clean Air Delivery Rate – 210 Cu. M per hour
Wattage – 48 Watts

Average Customer Rating – 4 stars


  • Advanced filtering mechanism for an effective purification
  • Easy to change the filter
  • Low noise operation
  • Specialised air flow design
  • One year product warranty
  • Smart memory


  • No option for purifying particulate material of less than 2.5 micron size

Best For -a room with 14 to 25 square meter area

#7. Samsung AX40K3020WU/NA Portable Room Air Purifier

Samsung air purifier is designed to cover large rooms up to the 420 sq. ft area. The air purifier uses HEPA filter option with three stage purification process which helps to remove up to 99.7% of contaminants, bacteria, airborne allergens and viruses. The purifier also remove bad odour with built in deodoriser.

The USP of the purifier is its low noise operation. As per the claims of the company, the purifier causes only 20 dB of sound.

Child Lock prevents improper use especially by children.

Area Covered – 420 Sq. feet
Filters – 3 stage including HEPA and Carbon Filter
Clean Air Delivery Rate – 325.7 Cu. M per hour
Wattage – 34 Watts
Bacteria and Virus Protection – Yes, Available

Average Customer Rating – 5 stars


  • 3 stage advanced filter mechanism
  • Additional Deodoriser filter to remove bad odour
  • Child lock feature
  • Easier maintenance with washable Pre filter.


  • Lack of dehumidifier to maintenance the humidity

Best For – Large bedroom and study rooms (lowest noise)

Best Air Purifiers in India under 20000

#8. Philips 2000 Series AeraSense AC2887/20 56-Watt Air Purifier

Philips 2000 Series AC2887/20 air purifier is one of the best option for bedroom or large living room with an average area of 24 to 41 square meter.

The purifier comes with cutting-edge sensing and purification technology, to eliminate allergens, gases, odors and even certain bacteria. It also 100% ozone free, which ensures trouble-free breathing especially for asthma patient.

Additionally, the air purifier has HEPA filter and the AeraSense technology to detect the particles smaller than PM2.5 level. VitaShield technology ensures a cleaner delivery of air.

The low noise sleep mode ensures you a quieter operation at night. It also offers you a real time check on the indoor air quality.

Area Covered – 441 Sq. feet
Filters – HEPA and Carbon Filter
Clean Air Delivery Rate – 333 Cu. M per hour
Wattage – 60 Watts
Bacteria and Virus Protection – Yes, through Nanoprotect HEPA.

Average Customer Rating – 4 Stars


  • 100% Ozone free operation
  • Real time air quality indication
  • Auto modes to enhance the performance
  • Smart light control that suits your preferences
  • Two years manufacturer warranty
  • Three specific modes to cater to the exact needs – General, and Bacteria & Virus


  • Allergen mode does not provide you with the best air quality
  • Not suitable for heavy pollution

Best for – People with an allergy to dust and allergens for large rooms.

#9. Crusaders Floor Mounted Air Purifier XJ-3100

Crusaders purifier makes use of six levels of filtration that includes HEPA filter, carbon filter, 2-in-1 pre-filter mesh, TiO2 photocatalyst filter, UV Tube and ionisers. The filters are capable of saving you from dust, pollen, allergens, smoke, odour, bacteria, viruses & other microorganisms, and toxic gases.

It provides you complete information on the air quality around you. You also have smart alerts for filter change when it is due. It is an ideal choice for a room covering 35 to 54 square meter area. It comes with 3 level fan speed adjustment to change the fan speed as per convenience.

Area Covered – 450 Sq. feet
Filters – 7 stage filtering with HEPA and Carbon Filter
Clean Air Delivery Rate – 260 Cu. M per hour
Wattage – 45 Watts
Bacteria and Virus Protection – Yes, available

Average Customer Rating – Unrated


  • 6 stage purification process ensures a better quality of air
  • Seven different technologies made use of.
  • It works with the energy efficient performance.
  • Unique air quality sensor for an effective checking up of the air around you


  • Price slightly on a higher side.

Best For – Energy efficient functionality for large rooms

Best Air Purifiers in India under 30000

#10. Crusaders Floor Mounted Air Purifier XJ-3800-I

The floor mounted air purifier comes with 7 stage purification functionality that include pre-filter, electrostatic plasma, activated carbon, HEPA, photocatalyst (TiO2), UV Lamp, and Ioniser. The purifier can function well with Dust, Smoke, Germs, and Bacteria.

The purifier has its fan with five different modes.This will let you opt for the exact performance depending upon the pollution level and number of occupants in the room. Noiseless functionality is one of the best options that the purifier comes with.

Besides it comes with timer mode to choose between 1 Hour – 2 Hour – 8 Hour duration. Remote control is another great feature offered by the purifier. You can use the purifier for a room measuring 24 to 41 square meter area.

Area Covered – 750 Sq. feet
Filters – 7 stage filtering with HEPA and Carbon Filter
Clean Air Delivery Rate – 348 Cu. M per hour
Wattage – 80 Watts
Bacteria and Virus Protection – Yes, available

Average Customer Rating – 4.5 stars


  • Washable pre filter
  • Ion UV indicator and odour indicator ensures the better functionality
  • Remote control operation
  • Effective air quality sensor
  • Notification alert for filter replacement
  • One year warranty


  • With floor mounting design, portability can be an issue
  • Costly

Best For – larger rooms and halls

#11. Honeywell Air Touch S8

The Honeywell Air Touch S8 is one of the highest quality air purifiers.The smart connectivity and smartphone aided functionality make it one of the new age air purifier.
It comes with three stage filter functionality with a Pre filter, the HEPA filter and the HiSiv filter which removes up to 99 percent of pollutants including bacteria, virus, allergens and pollen.

The 3D air flow design ensure a uniform cool feature around your room. The filter life as claimed by the manufacturers is 3000 hours. Filter replacement can be done yourself, thus helping you save money on technician visits.

The air purifier’s unique design protects it against the accidental fall. The purifier should be ideal for a room with 20 to 35 square meter area.

Area Covered – 450 Sq. feet
Filters– HEPA and Carbon Filter
Clean Air Delivery Rate – 300 Cu. M per hour
Wattage – 52 Watts
Bacteria and Virus Protection – Yes, available

Average Customer Rating – 4 Stars


  • Stylish
  • Can control with smartphone app
  • Smooth control touch panels
  • No exposed filters, so do not need to worry about your kids being affected by them
  • Under normal functioning, it will consume as low as 7.5 W of power.
  • Sleep mode
  • One year warranty


  • Expensive
  • Takes a little time to remove odour in some cases

Best For – A complete air purification experience


One would have never imagined that such a device would exist but with increasing air pollution, its now a reality that you will require an air purifier. From the air purifiers that we have talked about here, Honeywell’s model HAC25M is one of the best model. It covers a decent carpet area of 323 sq.ft and the filter can last until 3000 hours. You can choose from the others based on how big your room is.


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