About Us

TinyPaisa was founded by Pardeep Goyal in Aug, 2018 with a simple vision of sharing money saving tips on online shopping.

Pardeep is running an award winning personal finance blog CashOverflow since May, 2015. His travel & shopping hacks are popular to save money.

Pardeep has been writing on YourStory, Inc42, HuffingtonPost and various popular media & niche blog websites.

Ulhas has joined him in June, 2018 when they conceptualized TinyPaisa.

Together, we will review the best products that you use on the daily basis and also share how you can get better products at the best possible prices.

Note: We are not dealing sharing website.

We make every possible effort to find the best of the best products from the internet, write in-depth information and suggest you how to save money before making transactions.

Affiliate Commissions Disclaimer

We are affiliated with Amazon and other e-commerce websites. We make some revenue when you buy after clicking our links (at no extra cost to you).

But our reviews are not biased just because we make affiliate money.

We do our best effort to provide you the authentic information. If you found any mistake, kindly let us know by writing at pardeep@tinypaisa.com

We will validate & rectify the mistakes as soon as possible.